2017 Taught Me…: 5 Lessons To Sum Up My Year

2017 Taught Me…: 5 Lessons To Sum Up My Year Each year we should aim to make it better than the last, just as each day should be better than yesterday! 2016 was a year of transition, but 2017 was “The Glo Up!” (as my line sister Jadeah titled it for me – and I couldn’t agree more!) Through the many lessons learned this year … Continue reading 2017 Taught Me…: 5 Lessons To Sum Up My Year


10 RULES FOR THE RIDES OF LIFE Rule No.1: Everyone isn’t going where you’re going. Don’t try to force people you “love” (i.e. Family, Friends, Part-Time Baes, Associates, etc.) to join you. They have a life, too, and everyone does NOT have the same destination. Rule No. 2: Wide loads can’t always fit down the road. Pack Light! You cannot pick up everyone you know … Continue reading 10 RULES FOR THE RIDES OF LIFE

We Call This Here A Little “Trimmy Trim Trim!”

We Call This Here A Little “Trimmy Trim Trim!” Today I got my hair trimmed! What a blessing a good trim can be to hair!   A good trim can even the ends and allow for a more flattering and aesthetically appealing hair style, but believe it or not a trim prevents damage, breakage, and can bring back to life dead ends. Not only can … Continue reading We Call This Here A Little “Trimmy Trim Trim!”

The Porcelain Doll

The Porcelain Doll I can recall a time where I felt very distant from God. I prayed, “Lord… why can’t I feel you…?” And as always, God didn’t answer right away so I felt like He was ignoring me or maybe He had left me alone. Now I was sure the Lord promised never to leave or forsake me (Hebrews 13:5), but during this time … Continue reading The Porcelain Doll

The #ThankYouProject

The #ThankYouProject Thank you! Though a simple phrase to say, you’d be surprised how many people don’t practice saying thank you on a regular basis. In multiple conversations that I’ve had in the past I realized that many people became both appreciative and frustrated with the topic of thank yous. In their opinion thank yous are wonderful because hearing the phrase makes them feel valued … Continue reading The #ThankYouProject

Sisterhood Is…

Sisterhood is… Sisters are your first friends who share your hair bows and barbies; Sisters are the ones who don’t judge your weird hobbies. Sisterhood is being her shoulder to lean on and the one to hold her hand; And telling her, “Girl you don’t need that no good man!” Sisterhood is laughs, cries, and long telephone goodbyes; It is also the tissue that gently … Continue reading Sisterhood Is…

Beautiful Apologies

Beautiful Apologies One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life is how to apologize. Many of us haven’t quite learned this skill yet! We think we are always right and never have anything to apologize for or anyone to answer to. Or here’s one even better, we are not willing to see our wrong in situations and as a result still not apologizing. … Continue reading Beautiful Apologies