2017 Taught Me…: 5 Lessons To Sum Up My Year

2017 Taught Me…: 5 Lessons To Sum Up My Year Each year we should aim to make it better than the last, just as each day should be better than yesterday! 2016 was a year of transition, but 2017 was “The Glo Up!” (as my line sister Jadeah titled it for me – and I couldn’t agree more!) Through the many lessons learned this year … Continue reading 2017 Taught Me…: 5 Lessons To Sum Up My Year


10 RULES FOR THE RIDES OF LIFE Rule No.1: Everyone isn’t going where you’re going. Don’t try to force people you “love” (i.e. Family, Friends, Part-Time Baes, Associates, etc.) to join you. They have a life, too, and everyone does NOT have the same destination. Rule No. 2: Wide loads can’t always fit down the road. Pack Light! You cannot pick up everyone you know … Continue reading 10 RULES FOR THE RIDES OF LIFE

Mind Over Matter: FEAR NO LONGER

Mind Over Matter: FEAR NO LONGER To know me is to know I LOVE to travel and I can fly on a plane most anywhere, but to ride a rollercoaster, climb a mountain or do anything too adventurous and high is a NO GO! And so the idea of doing the “Death Drop”, a swing from two trees on a mountain peak park in Turi, … Continue reading Mind Over Matter: FEAR NO LONGER

Who Are You Calling?

Who Are You Calling? One day I was having “one of those days” where I needed to vent about life. Full of complaints and in need of someone to comfort me during my horrible cries of frustration I picked up the phone. I needed to talk to someone, anyone who had an ear and would listen to my nagging and whining. Someone who wouldn’t judge … Continue reading Who Are You Calling?

"I Got Options, Boo!"

“I Got Options, Boo!” Funny story! I haven’t wrote a blog in a while because I was tired of God making me live out what I wrote! Literally, it’s like He brings my words back to me EVERY time and sometimes it’s tougher than others to practice what I preach, so I’ve been scared! 🙄 Like Lord please don’t make me go through this… (LOL) … Continue reading "I Got Options, Boo!"


In the beginning of this year I found out that I’d been accepted to three universities that I’d applied to to take the prerequisites required to pursue my MBA! I just knew I’d graduate and go right back into school #LIKEABOSS! 😂 My little world was shattered when I realized that I wouldn’t be awarded any financial aid due to being a “non-degree seeking” student! … Continue reading God's PERFECT TIMING

The Porcelain Doll

The Porcelain Doll I can recall a time where I felt very distant from God. I prayed, “Lord… why can’t I feel you…?” And as always, God didn’t answer right away so I felt like He was ignoring me or maybe He had left me alone. Now I was sure the Lord promised never to leave or forsake me (Hebrews 13:5), but during this time … Continue reading The Porcelain Doll